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Aimee Langley

Keynote Speaker | Head of Compliance

Office of Financial Sanctions, Implementation (OFSI) | United Kingdom

Aimee Langley – Aimee is the Head of Compliance at Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation OFSI, where she is responsible for overseeing OFSI’s compliance enforcement cases.

The Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) is the UK financial sanctions watchdog, and helps to ensure that financial sanctions are properly understood, implemented and enforced in the UK. OFSI is part of HM Treasury.

Aimee’s Compliance team investigates potential breaches self-reported by companies and individuals, and they also do proactive compliance work. Last but not least her team is responsible for imposing monetary penalties for financial sanctions breaches when required.

In here keynote here at the ACSS summit, she will discuss the new teeth of British sanctions enforcement in action. Yes as of April 2017, OFSI can impose monetary penalties.